Data, collaboration and visibility: transforming direct material sourcing

In this session in partnership with Ivalua and Accenture, we'll hear expert opinion on how to mitigate supply risk and achieve supply chain agility

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Rebates uncovered: taming complexity, unlocking value

Whether you're a sceptic seeking to demystify the complexities of rebates or an advocate eager to uncover their hidden potential, join this webinar to equip yourself with the tools to transform rebate challenges into strategic opportunities.

Expert Reports

A Supply Management Insider & Ecovadis study discovered many organisations are still not fully prepared for the raft of incoming sustainability regulations. Read this whitepaper for advice, tips on best practice and tools that can help 

Short reads

Distance is increasingly viewed as a risk factor that can be mitigated in supply chains through strategic sourcing. A recent report from Skills Dynamics explains the importance of increasing resilience with a more considered approach