Procurement: the case for convergence

Five steps CPOs can take to reinvent their function and ensure procurement has a viable future

Expert Reports

With the fight against corruption an urgent priority for governments and regulators, research by EcoVadis suggests that many companies do not have the systems and procedures in place to protect their bottom line or their reputation.

Read this whitepaper for key insight from EcoVadis’s first anti-corruption report, based on assessments of more than 20,000 businesses across 100 countries and 150 industries.

Connecting supply chain efficiency and growth

Today’s business leaders expect a lot from their supply chains – efficiency, growth, operational improvements, innovative ideas and disciplined cost management. Unfortunately, most strategies focus only on improving supply chain efficiency.

Read this paper from Kinaxis to learn more about the importance of a new approach that delivers on all fronts – the bimodal supply chain.



In recent years, innovations in B2C buying technology have been huge, with B2B purchasing trailing behind. Now, with more than 80% of B2B buyers using mobile1, procurement departments are under pressure to build their digital presence and to find new ways to meet buyers' changing expectations. 

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    Jacki Buist (moderator) Deputy Editor, Supply Management magazine
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    Molly Dobson Head of Enterprise Customer Success, Amazon Business UK
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    Claire Hull Procurement Delivery Manager, Tarmac


While pump prices continue to increase, it may sometimes feel like managing the cost and purchase of fuel is out of your control. Yet there is great potential for cost-saving in this area, despite the rise in fuel costs. So what are you doing to monitor and analyse your fuel costs? And how do you monitor business travel costs in general?
With freelance and contingent workers increasing rapidly in recent years, and legislation facing private sector organisations threatening significant fines for non-compliance, your services procurement responsibilities are evolving rapidly. In the face of this changing landscape, a contingent workforce management solution is necessary. How prepared are you for updating your approach to the contingent workforce?
The ongoing process of identifying risk, assessing impact and mitigating risk is an important one for procurement professionals. We want to know how you ensure that the right people have the right information at the right time, what your biggest challenges are and how to boost your risk management in the future.