Short Reads

We all know the theory: calculate safety stock using a formula that includes the variability of the demand, the reliability of supply and the desired customer service. But what happens if conventional wisdom no longer applies and doing what you’ve always done is not an option? Here’s some unconventional wisdom for these unusual times…

The world of expense management is changing thanks to fully digitised solutions that can save time, cost and alleviate much of the personal stress associated with this universal and necessary process. Read this Supply Management Insider article, produced in partnership with Traveldoo, to find out more.

For many companies, travel booking and expenses are treated as different processes and are managed by different teams. But when you consider that for most companies the majority of expenses that are processed through the expense management system are travel related, having separate processes may result in inefficiency, a lack of visibility across the business and incomplete data about the true cost of business travel. 

Here are some of the key take-aways from a recent Supply Management Insider webinar, produced in partnership with unified travel and expense with Neo from American Express Global Business Travel, that discussed the benefits of a truly unified travel and expense solution.